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Seven Myths About Skin

Here is a great reminder of why skin - the largest organ in our body - requires careful maintenance throughout our lives.

Here are seven myths about skin. 

1. Myth: Pores open when in contact with hot water

Truth: Hot water loosens dirt, oil and makeup within pores and thus the cleansing process is more effective. Washing your face with hot water can lead to dryness and irritation as the natural oils are stripped from the skin.

2. Myth: Your skin will age in the same way as your mother's

Truth: Genetics play a part in the ageing process but other factors such as pollution, diet, smoking, stress etc will affect how your skin looks over time.

3. Myth: All facials result in a lasting healthy glowing skin 

Truth: The intense moisturising which occurs during a facial will give the skin a glow for a few days. Such facials are mainly concerned with working the product into the upper layer of the skin. Environ's signature facial, the Active Vitamin Treatment uses gentle electrical pulses and soundwaves to greatly enhance the penetration of powerful nutrients up to 4000 times deep into the skin compared to regular facials. The result - nourished, supple and radiant skin. 

4. Myth: SPF 30 provides double the protection of SPF 15

Truth: SPF (sun protection factor) relates to the amount of time it takes skin to burn. So SPF 15 means that you can sunbathe for 15 times longer without getting sunburned tan you would without sunscreen. The difference between SPF 15, 30 and 45 are minimal. SPF 15 blocks 93% of the sun's rays, SPF 30 blocks 97% and SPF 45 blocks 98%. So doubling SPF does not result in double protection.

5. Myth: Make up with SPF is as good as sunscreen

Truth: It would take at least 14 times the amount of powder normally applied to achieve the correct SPF.

6.  Myth: Scrub your face to deal with zits

Truth: Acne is caused by oil overproduction, dead skin cells and bacterial growth. Excessive scrubbing drys out skin and leads to more oil production and therefore more spots. Scrubbing is best avoided in acne patients. Chemical exfoliants e.g. AHA's and BHA's are better. 

7. Myth: Greasy food and chocolate can cause acne

Truth: Research into this has proved inconclusive. It is coincidence that stress hormones which lead to zits are also responsible for cravings for greasy food or chocolate. To be precise, carbohydrates and dairy are more likely to be responsible.

Can you think of any others?



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