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Six Ways to Deal with "Bacne"

"Bacne" is the term given acne that forms on your back. Acne occurs when pores or hair follicles become clogged with dead skin and oil. Facial acne and body acne although similar in their symptoms and causes, do differ in the way in which they are treated. The skin on our backs has larger pores than facial pores and therefore they are more likely to become clogged. So when treating bacne, it’s best to look for products that are specifically designed for this issue.

Now that its summer time, we are more prone to sweating particularly on our backs. Sweating cools and detoxifies the body, cleansing pores of dirt, deadskin cells and excess oil. However those toxins that are released can remain on the skins surface and lead to clogged pores. This lead to breakouts whilst the sun’s UV rays create oxidation which hardens the increased sebum caused by sweat and encourages the formation of blackheads.

Here are six ways to treat bacne:

1. Use a pH balanced body wash 

2. Shower immediately after gym workouts to prevent build up of sweat and bacteria before they can clog pores 

3. Apply salicylic acid containing products before bed to eliminate excess oil and unplog pores for clearer skin come morning. The pores on the back are much larger and are prone to congestion. 

4. Take a supplement containing vitamin A

5. Avoid using scented detergents on your laundry. Fragrance detergents can cause increased irritation and dryness on the skin surface, which triggers inflammation.

6. Choose face and body care products with caution. Sodium lauryl sulfate and sodium laureate sulphate, commonly found in shampoos, conditioners, facials wash etc can block pores. These ingredients, in addition to sunscreens and skin care products containing lanolin, petrolatum and silicone derivatives can also cause breakouts and skin irritation.

Contact Madame Skin for advice on products which may help to relieve bacne - 0207 205 4305

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