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Problematic Skins

Problematic skins are also referred to as "acne". Acne is a skin problem caused by male hormones which can affect both men and women from puberty onwards. In most men it goes away after puberty, whereas in women it can be a life-long problem needing equally long term care. The most important skin changes which can lead to problem skin are the over-production of sebum (the normally protective oily layer of the skin) and the excessive growth of surface skin cells. These surplus skin cells flake and mix with the excess sebum to block pores, commonly seen as black heads. Inflammation follows and is exacerbated by bacteria. All of this leads to the well-known small abscesses known as pimples or "zits". It is a condition that can cause serious damage to the self-esteem of young and old alike.

Dr Fernandes, founder of Environ® skin care products states that, "people with problematic skin should make sure that they enrich their skin with specific active agents such as vitamin A, Australian tea tree oil and bovine colostrum that reduce problematic skin."