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Issue: Wrinkles 

Client: 48 year old 

Duration of Treatment: 7 months







Description of Treatment: 



Skin Essentia Mild Cleansing Lotion  Leaves skin cleansed, refreshed and is hydrating. 
Skin Essentia Botanical Infused Moisturising Toner  Hydrates and moisturises the skin, helps improve the appearance of uneven skin tone, leaving the skin looking even and refreshed. 
Youth Essentia Vita Peptide Eye Gel  Helps improve the appearance of fine lines and assist in moisturising the skin around the eye area.
Skin Essential Vita Antioxidant AVST 1 Contains antioxidants which protect skin from free radical and UV damage, combat signs of ageing, soothe, repair and hydrate the skin.
RAD SPF 15 Contains antioxidants which protect the skin and fight free radicals
Colostrum Gel 

Assists in soothing sensitive skin. Helps to promote collagen production. Helps to hydrate skin.

Active Vitamin Facial every couple of months 

Leave skin nourished, supple and radiant.